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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Senior Thesis Part 6: Summer Melt Overalls

For my final piece I wanted to experimenting more with textile design and continue to explore different methods in illustrating on fabric. Instead of drawing a design on the computer like I did for the suit (see below) I hand drew a design. The design made me feel like summer time, being hot, and eating cold and refreshing things so I decided to call it Summer Melt. I didn't want to make any more dresses for my thesis but I still wanted to make something fairly difficult and fun so I decided on making overall shorts. There is a TON of sewing that goes into making overalls and I did it all with multicolor thread (thread that changes color as you sew!!) very exciting...

I got the design printed on a heavier jean weight twill fabric. In making these overalls I made the pattern from scratch by looking at pants and other patterns I have made and it turned out really well. When I was cutting out the pieces for the pockets and front and back tops, I made sure to match up the pattern so the seam would look really awesome. Since the pattern is so busy you can't really tell, but once you notice it, it looks really cool. Maybe I'll try pattern matching again on a less crazy fabric and see what happens.


Colored and Repeated

Cutting the Pattern Pieces

Pocket Pattern, Pocket sewn to front, front sewn to back

Back pocket placed with pattern matched, pocket sewn.

Front and Back Waistbands

Front Piece Sewn

Pattern for Back & Strap, Back Piece & Straps complete.

Attaching Hardware

Front Finished

Back Finished

All Thesis Work

So that's it! There is all of my senior illustration thesis work. The set-up you see above is from the thesis judging at the end of the semester. I am proud to say that all of my pieces were accepted for the Senior Thesis Illustration Show at the end of the year.

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