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Friday, January 14, 2011

Senior Thesis Part 3b: Robot Sweatshirt

For my third piece (part b) I wanted to make a raglan sweatshirt top for the robot dress to make a complete robot ensemble. I took the aesthetic from the stuffed robot I make. I dyed white sweatshirt fleece to get the exact colors I wanted. I sewed elastic strips on the sleeves to create tension like my stuffed robot has. The faceplate is attached with a zipper and can be taken completely off of the hood. With the faceplate on the eyes and mouth are black mesh which you can see out of but not in. Com-plete.


Dying the Blue Sweatshirt Fleece

Rinsing the Blue Sweatshirt Fleece

Dying the Green Sweatshirt Fleece

Serging the Bottom of the Sweatshirt

Sewing on the Elastic Strips

Serging the Sleeve Cuffs

Sewing the Zipper on the Hood

Shapes Cut out for Mesh on Faceplate

Sewing on Mesh

Beep Boop, Com-plete

1 comment:

  1. This sweatshirt is so amazing!! I found your etsy store and that led me here. I really like your blog and I want to wear all the dresses every day. :)