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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Floaty Dreamer Pattern + Stickers

Right now I'm working on some new patterns for Spring 2015 products. One of them I posted on instagram and a lot of people were super excited about it. It's called Floaty Dreamer complete with a melodica and a ghost! I didn't want to have to make you all wait until next Spring to score some swag with this rad pattern on it so I made stickers!

One sticker will be included in every Mokuyobi Threads order while supplies last or you can buy the full set here!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patch Cards

In these past few months, Mokuyobi Threads patches have started to be carried in a lot more retail stores worldwide. The patches used to be sent individually and displayed laid out on a countertop but with the recent expansion I felt that they needed to have a bigger in store presence that promoted the brand as well. I designed these super cool patch cards with a hang tab so all of the different patches could be hung up together in proper retail fashion. The cards have a fun mountain illustration on the front and detailed iron on patch instructions on the back. So pumped about these.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mowgli Surf

Mowgli Surf is the coolest surf clothing brand on the planet and you can quote me. They make the most radical tees, tanks, shorts, sweatpants, and more that sport unique hand stamped and air brushed design techniques as well as a variety of dye processes that blow my mind with each new season they roll out with. They are based in California and all of their products are made in the USA. Mowgli is also one of the brands that Without Walls, Urban Outfitter's new fitness/active lifestyle brand carries along with Mokuyobi (see previous post). The two Mowgli co-founders are actually the nicest dudes I've ever met so prepare yourselves for a glowing review.

Mowgli is run by dream team identical twin brothers Alex and Philip Seastrom, and yes I know what you're thinking, even their last name gives a nod to Earth's water, can you say destiny? Philip does all of the artwork surrounding their brand with the occasional outside artist thrown in. And can I just say this boy has some talent! All of his artwork perfectly embodies Mowgli's entire aesthetic. Alex being the math and business whiz that he is manages production like a true professional, and Philip is always there to back him up.

You definitely need to be an awesome type of human to rock their gear. Mowgli's slogan, enemy of the average, shows their ease of being individuals and standing out from the crowd which they do so well with literal flying colors. When you throw on a Mowgli tee you can practically feel the wind blowing off of the Pacific Ocean and through your sun streaked beachy curls with California Love playing in the background.

If that description didn't immediately bring you some strong west coast vibes then I guess I just suck at writing. Now that you are completely filled in on the life story of the Mowgli brothers, check out the photos below of some of their designs but don't forget to grab your shades because their future is looking bright! I apologize in advance for all of the 'selfies' but you're just gonna have to deal. Check out their website here for their blog and stockists and be sure to follow them on instagram for some surf pics that will make you jelly you're not west coast bound.

If I ran the world, these shorts would be the required uniform.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Without Walls

Without Walls is Urban Outfitter's new fitness/active lifestyle brand that launched earlier this month encouraging us millennials to get out, get moving, and have fun! Sounds like a movement that everyone is ready for, myself included. WoW (Without Walls) makes it super easy to explore the world and look good doing it with all of the amazing brands they carry focusing on activewear in the categories of fitness, surf, and trail gear along with their own brand designed in house.

Mokuyobi Threads is super excited to be one of the brands that WoW is carrying, first in their pop-up store at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood, California and then spreading to Urban Outfitters stores throughout the country including NYC, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, and San Francisco later this month and in Portland, Seattle, Cambridge, and Boulder in April.

Check out their brand new website with some seriously fresh gear that will make you want to leave your computer screen behind, get outside, and set your sights on being a happier and healthier you.

Update: all of the patches have sold out!