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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Topanga Photoshoot

Had a blast shooting with the talented Linnea Bullion (you must check out the selfies photo section on her site) for ad and instagram photos featuring some new products. We took a trip to the beautiful Topanga State Park and took some nature filled shots and used the patched up and dyed jackets from the last post which turned out super well. I had fun art directing on this one and got some shots I've been wanting to get for a while. Have a look!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dyed Outerwear

I had some photo shoots coming up and wanted to showcase the patches more by applying them onto jackets for the models to wear so you could really see them in action! I bought a women's light wash denim jacket and vest and dyed them coral and green respectively. For the male model I bought a white cotton bomber jacket and dyed it turquoise.

Then it was patch time! I sewed all of the patches on so I could take them off easily later to replace patches and reuse the jackets in more future shoots. Check out the images below to see what the jackets looked like before they were dyed!

Dying your own jacket is really easy and I highly recommend it! I used fiber reactive procion dye which I bought here and created a dye bath. They have an unbelievable color selection and very clear instructions which make it super easy to dye your white or light colored clothes whatever color you want! You don't need any fancy equipment just a large bucket, a sink, and a washer/dryer to use. Happy dying!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Custom Laptop Case

I've always wanted to make a proper padded zip laptop case since I made myself that vinyl cassette laptop sleeve back in 2011 when I bought my Macbook Air. So this custom order was a perfect opportunity to do just that!

The color combo was inspired by the Coast Bag. The laptop case features a main padded compartment for the laptop, front wrap pocket for accessories like your charger, and a front zip pocket for even smaller accessories like headphones. It turned out really sleek and I really dig the look of it. I plan to incorporate it into a future Mokuyobi line especially considering the full laptop case options on the market right now. Check out the in prog and final photos below!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Horsing Around Paper Cut

For my Dad's birthday I made him a paper cut card of a horse head. He doesn't even especially like horses but picking something random is always the best option when giving someone a gift. It also allowed for a lot of amazing horse puns in the message on the back.

I started with picking my color palette. Good thing I had some good paper color options lying around. Next I cut out big shapes and played a lot with the eyes and eyebrows. A great part about paper cut art is how easy it is to move everything around when you're working. Like a real life version of illustrator but more sticky when it comes to the glue part. Check out all of the in prog photos below!