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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Doodle Head

When I find the time it's nice to be able to put some felt tip pen to paper and let the creativity flow- something I don't get to do very often with all of the business madness that goes along with running a brand.

I always loved the idea of keeping a sketchbook but always found it really hard to do, it's a task that I really have to force myself to do. I feel like with other people it comes more naturally. I can never find the exact right kind of sketchbook either, there's always something I don't like about one I buy and I'll use the first 5 pages and then never open it again (I'm probably just making excuses).

Starting on the first page is always a very scary and daunting task. What if I mess up? What if it's not a cohesive sketchbook? I've learned to just relax and let it happen. It's a way to get stuff in your head down on paper, you're not starting a masterpiece (or maybe you are). Mostly when I draw I use loose computer paper because there's no pressure. I now have a stack of paper literally 4" tall of drawings like this. Seems like it makes more sense to just draw in a sketchbook, am I right? However you can wrap your noodle around it, you just gotta find a way to do your doodle.

Stuff I draw is usually a mix of nonsensical figurative line drawings, bag ideas, color swatches, little illustrated puns, etc. It's a combination of drawings neat and imperfect. Some are loose ideas that are refined later or forgotten and some are finished ideas that make it into finished products like a textile design on a hat, a sticker, an embroidery, or a finished bag or plush.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Andy Rementer People Blocks

I recently met Andy Rementer at his People Blocks opening at Project No. 8 in the Ace Hotel. Andy is a super nice dude. He worked with Belgium based Case Studyo to make 4 different 16" tall interchangeable hand painted stackable people that came out so well! My favorite thing at the opening (besides meeting lots of like minded creative individuals) was this giant head where the hat was a cushy seat!

Be sure to check out Andy's other work- he has a great style and color flow! And click here to see the other products that have come from Casy Studyo's artist collabs.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Artists You Should Know: Bela Unclecat

Bela Unclecat makes the coolest drawings ever. Her style is so amazing and her imagination is impressive. I am completely wowed by all things Unclecat. I really hope that's her real name too because why can't the world be that amazing?

Go check out her website too!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Patches

That's right, it's 2014. Happy New Year! And with the new year comes new patches of course! Especially historically correct patches like dinos and hot dogs never coexisted. Fact. And water league patch for all of you water sport enthusiasts out there! All available on the Mokuyobi Threads site as well as in the Etsy shop.

So many more patch designs and patch surprises coming later this year as well!
Stay tuned!