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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Senior Thesis Part 2: Birthday Cake Dress

For my second piece I draped another dress but instead of using the dress as a canvas for fabric drawing I wanted to transform the entire dress into an object. In this case, a birthday cake!! Candles, frosting, a 2-tone bow pin, and a mini party hat! The whole shebang. I designed a sprinkle fabric that I got printed and used for the skirt of the dress under the icing details. I made pockets in the sides of the dress for these really awesome plastic balloons that complete the birthday look. The inside is lined with white satin and there are 2 layers of blue tulle in the skirt that give it some volume. I would have to say this is my favorite piece in the collection because who doesn't want to look like a birthday cake? Honestly.


Top with Candle Straps

Frosting Detail

Waist Icing

Balloon Pockets

Sewing on the Zipper

Sewn Zipper

Bow In Progress

Bow Finished

Mini Party Hat- Drawn with Fabric Marker

Mini Party Hat- Drawing Filled In

Mini Party Hat Finished

Final Front

Final Back


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