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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pez Luggage Tag

When I saw this awesome luggage tag on flight001 I really wanted to get it. But the thing about luggage tags is that they always get ripped, dirty, stolen, or lost. So I decided instead of buying one for $12 I would make it!

I started out drawing the design in Illustrator:

Then I cut a 8.5" x 11" piece of tyvek because you know if I made it out of paper it would last about a second and this way I can just print the image with my printer instead of paying to print it on fabric.

I made an outline around the image where I would cut it, copied the outline, made the other side with my contact info, made an extra shape, and printed it with my regular inkjet.

I used the extra shape as a pattern to cut out a piece of vinyl to put in between the front and back piece to make it a bit more substantial.

I sandwiched the vinyl in between the other two pieces and sewed it around the edge:

I cut a rectangular hole in the top of the tag inside the sewing line. Then I cut a short piece of elastic which I sewed into a loop with a french seam and threaded it into the hole, voila!!

Now when this one gets dirty, lost, stolen, or ripped (it won't rip though because it's tyvek!!) I can just make another one, it's so quick!!
You can use any drawing, try it out!

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