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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mowgli Flag Plush Sign

I made this awesome flag for my all-time fave company Mowgli Surf run by my boyfriend Alex. Plush signs are one of my favorite things to make. They make me think of all of those amazing animal themed plush wall hangings from my childhood that for some reason fell out of style. If I ever have a moment to do something about it you bet I'll bring them back!

This plush flag is based off of a patch design I also did for Mowgli that embodies fun in the sun but with the colors switched around so the background wasn't black. Check out the process below!

Dyed sweatshirt fleece all ready to be cut out:

For the letters I size them on the computer and them print and cut them out. If they are too large I just tape them together.

Fun cutout fabric detail with the sweatshirt fleece. I find that this is the best fabric to work with because it has a bit more body and also doesn't fray.

For the background I used a jade linen fabric that I found, didn't even have to dye it! I cut out the shape and sewed it together with a back piece and a layer of batting which I then turned inside out...

Next I placed all of the cut out fleece letters and shapes to be sewn on

Detail of the placed shapes:

And then I got to sewing!

Look at me go!

Here's the final version hanging in the Mowgli booth at Agenda Las Vegas!