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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cassette Laptop Case

Since I got my macbook air in July I have been meaning to make a case for it.  One reason I got it was to use it during my trip to Australia so I didn't have to lug around my giant macbook pro.  As things happen I never got to make a case for it because I was super busy (as usual) and I had to shamefully buy a boring neoprene one from the apple store.

So now that I am caught up with most of the short term projects I had planned it was time to get back on top of this one.  I spend a lot of time on etsy and in that time I've seen a ton of those money holders or iPad cases that look like cassettes.  They're usually pretty awesome and also usually made of felt.  Felt is a nice fabric to use because it is super easy to sew with.  Everything else about felt sucks.  It doesn't hold up well, it won't look the same after it gets dirty or after you wash it.  And then there is the dreaded pilling.  I decided to steer clear of that disaster and turned to the next best thing, vinyl.  Turns out vinyl is just the opposite of felt, its evil cousin.  Vinyl is easy to clean and doesn't fray but it is a DISASTER to work with. All of the stretching and pulling that happens when the feed dogs go at it is not quite on the fun list.  Considering, I think it turned out pretty well.  Here's a little inside info on my project:

First I measured my computer and added seam allowance.  Then I made a muslin pattern for how everything would fit together and what shapes I wanted to use.

After cutting all the pieces, sewing, ripping out, resewing, repeat I finally ended up with this.  You're lucky that I didn't make you sit through all of that.

 I sewed the back on, hemmed the top, and VOILA!!!

A perfect fit!

Just in time for my travels to Philly next weekend for the Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar Nov 19 + 20 at the 23rd Street Armory.  If you're in the Philly area come check it out, I'm gonna have some sweet new swag that I might or might not be posting about next week. :-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Squiggle Bandana

Trying out some new accessories in the shop while I'm working on the new awesome website.  Soon to be filled with new awesome tees you'll want to get your hands on.  For now, enjoy this awesome Squiggle bandana now available in the etsy store.