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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mowgliyobi: The Future of Surf

Mowgliyobi: the best of Mokuyobi and Mowgli combined! With our collaboration line we wanted to do something different (of course) that combined Mokuyobi's design with Mowgli's unique processes.  We all brainstormed together about ideas and pattern/color/shapes. I did a bunch of sketches for t-shirts and shorts and we edited the line down from there.

In addition to the clothes we did a collaboration backpack with an amazing spiral tie dye on nylon and turned it into a big pocket. For our branding I designed a logo which we made into a patch. See below for the entire process of sketches to finals! Available both at Mokuyobi and Mowgli!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mokuyobi x Mowgli Pop Up Opening

Opening night! Thanks to everyone who came out to the event! We had Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights do a DJ set and it was sponsored by PBR for most of your beverage needs. We also got Cactus Cooler aka straight sugar.

We gave a goodie bag with patches and stickers to the first 50 people who came and we offered free patch sewing at the event! I brought my home sewing machine and made everyone's dreams come true. See the entire finished space in the photos below! We were thrilled with how it came out. Walking into the space when it was all done was like opening the doors to the inside of the factory where they make fun. Well what are you waiting for? See for yourself!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mokuyobi x Mowgli Pop Up Prep

It's been very exciting and challenging working with Urban Outfitters to prepare for the pop up with Mowgli. It's both of our first times designing an entire retail space to stuff with our goods. Space 15 Twenty is building pretty much whatever we want in the space which is awesome but when the possibilities are almost endless it can be hard to figure out a clear vision. Regardless I think we did a pretty kickass job!

I designed some Mowgli x Mokuyobi branded type for them to paint on the front wall by the entrance. We got to see it in progress when we stopped by the space one day. We separated the parts of the store into categories with large painted boxes and had signs painted to divide up the areas: bags, patches, hats, fitting room, etc. For the patch area I mocked up a giant peg board and two mini peg boards to use as a merchandise rack. You can see the mock up and final build out below before all of the product was put up.

We wanted the employees of the pop up to wear a uniform to be easily spotted so we bought two plain jean vests with frayed sleeves which I dyed yellow and secured the sleeves by finishing the raw edge with hot pinked red/orange binding tape. Philip did a rad paper cut that we used in our proposal but also made into 2" buttons to put on the vests and to wear ourselves!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mokuyobi x Mowgli Pop Up Papercut

Mokuyobi and Mowgli have been planning a month long pop up shop at Urban Outfitter's Space 15 Twenty! We will be launching new products and are having some musical guests for the event. Part of the process has been making some promotional images that both Mowgli and I have contributed.

For the opening party promo I made an abstract paper cut with some crazy cool colors and shapes and hand cut out the Mowgli x Mokuyobi type. I think it turned out great! See below for more photos of different angles and detail shots!