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Saturday, May 28, 2011

La Casita de Wendy & Potipoti

I recently stumbled upon 2 fashion designers that are super awesome and super inspiring. The first, La Casita de Wendy is a European label. The designers are both from Madrid. Their colors and designs really pop! Their passions and inspirations are music, fairytales, and magic, and their main tool is their imagination. Sounds about right.
The second is Potipoti. Their brand integrates fashion, graphic design, and illustration (sounds like it's right up my alley). Born from Berlin in 2005 their style is a mix of couture, juxtaposing images, styles, and references with liberty and a sense of humor.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parsons Illustration Senior Show + Etsy!!

This past week was the opening for the Parsons Illustration Senior Thesis Show. I had my 6 outfits on display as well as a large shelf area filled with tons of new 3D plush and other fun items in addition to tons of other awesome stuff from my classmates.

A bunch of the new plush were Mountain People characters that I had made as illustrations a little while ago. They are a cozy family of 10, all silly and super fun original illustrations. They are 16" tall and are all for sale on etsy! Collect them all!!!
In addition I had made some fun throw pillow covers with zipper closures, complete with pillow! Pillows for sale on etsy.
The black and white Collab Slab backpack I did with Victoria Salvador was also in the Illustration show in addition to a new blue and yellow adult version of her same drawing. Like the black and white backpack this one is also one of a kind. ACT FAST!! Backpack for sale on etsy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Parsons Festival Cushion Covers

I submitted a proposal for the Parsons Festival to design and sew covers for the unsightly giant grey circle couches in the lobby of Parsons 2 West 13th st. It was approved and Parsons is going to reimburse me for my materials cost. This was a super fun installation project and also a long process. I had to go in with my handy dandy tape measure and meticulously measure the couches to figure out what size to make the covers and how to design them accordingly. I sketched the designs, colored them digitally, and ordered the fabric. When I got the fabric I cut all of the big pieces up into giant 53" circles and all of the side pieces into strips. I sewed all of the side pieces together and sewed the tag pockets on the sides as well. Next I sewed the top circle to the sides and elastic onto the bottom for a snug fit.

If you're in the area, drop by the 2 west 13th st lobby and have a look!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giant Amazing Fantastic Cheeseburger and Hot Dog Pillows

Well I finally did it, I made a giant cheeseburger and hot dog pillow combo. They look almost good enough to eat... almost. I made the illustrations in Illustrator, got them printed, and then sewed, and stuffed them up. These guys use a lot of polyfil!! They are 23" tall/wide Now for sale on Etsy

Feed your couch!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Radical Teacher Illustration

I was recently asked to do an illustration for Radical Teacher, a journal published by the University of Illinois Press. The article was 'Authorizing Wikis: Rethinking Authorship through Digital Collaboration'. It was about the problems with students writing papers with so many online resources available to them including help from teachers and peers. The illustration and spot illustration I did were in color but unfortunately the interior of the journal is grayscale. Lucky for you, you get to see both versions, Enjoy!!



Monday, May 2, 2011

Fred Flare Package

If you haven't heard of Fred Flare, you need to check them out. I have been obsessed with them since I stumbled upon them in 2008. Their offices are in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and I am in LOVE. With me graduating and all I really wanted to get their attention. I decided that instead of emailing my cover letter and resume, I would print both out on fabric and make it into a little soft book (in addition to a fun illustration) with eyelets and key rings. I also designed a fabric exclusively for them, which I used to cover the box that I put the soft book in and also on the back of all of the pages of the soft book. I wrapped it all up in some crafty brown paper and stuck a cute FF sticker on the front (that I also made, obviously). Take a look!!

I met with Keith from Fred Flare after he got it and he told me he was BLOWN AWAY (phew, what a relief!) We'll be working together on some awesome product developments for Fred Flare starting this summer. Can't wait!!