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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Senior Thesis Part 3a: Robot Dress

For my third piece (part a) I draped a different style of dress, a fitted tube dress which was cut on the bias (45 degree angle) to give it that max stretch. With this one I wanted to make a dress that transformed the body into a robot. Using a fitted dress I wanted to cover it with readouts and dials to give the impression that they could read the levels of the wearer and also switches and buttons that would give the impression that the wearer could be controlled like a machine. After drawing a sketch I drew these elements in Adobe Illustrator, printed them on fabric, cut them out, and sewed them to the dress. I incorporated a larger on/off switch on the back to act as a master switch for added effect. Beep Boop.


Printed Fabric

Placing Pieces on Dress Front

Cut-outs Sewn on Dress Front

Sewing on the Master Power Back Switch

Sewing on the Tag

Final Front

Final Back

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