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Monday, May 16, 2011

Parsons Festival Cushion Covers

I submitted a proposal for the Parsons Festival to design and sew covers for the unsightly giant grey circle couches in the lobby of Parsons 2 West 13th st. It was approved and Parsons is going to reimburse me for my materials cost. This was a super fun installation project and also a long process. I had to go in with my handy dandy tape measure and meticulously measure the couches to figure out what size to make the covers and how to design them accordingly. I sketched the designs, colored them digitally, and ordered the fabric. When I got the fabric I cut all of the big pieces up into giant 53" circles and all of the side pieces into strips. I sewed all of the side pieces together and sewed the tag pockets on the sides as well. Next I sewed the top circle to the sides and elastic onto the bottom for a snug fit.

If you're in the area, drop by the 2 west 13th st lobby and have a look!!!


  1. Looks great! can't wait to see them in person! love, dad

  2. They look awesome Julie! I can't wait to check them out tomorrow.

  3. aaahh julie thats so effing cool! ur amazing!

  4. I LOVE THEM! Hung out on one for an hour the other day telling everyone that stopped by that you designed them! :)

  5. haha nice Thanks Alex! AND EVERYONE!!!