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Saturday, May 28, 2011

La Casita de Wendy & Potipoti

I recently stumbled upon 2 fashion designers that are super awesome and super inspiring. The first, La Casita de Wendy is a European label. The designers are both from Madrid. Their colors and designs really pop! Their passions and inspirations are music, fairytales, and magic, and their main tool is their imagination. Sounds about right.
The second is Potipoti. Their brand integrates fashion, graphic design, and illustration (sounds like it's right up my alley). Born from Berlin in 2005 their style is a mix of couture, juxtaposing images, styles, and references with liberty and a sense of humor.


  1. hi! I love your blog. I wrote about you in my weekly favourites! So if you want to change something or I wrote something wrong just comment and Ill edit it ^^