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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bears, Bears, Bears

After doing the concentric circle tutorial and all of those flags I wanted to apply the concentric circle technique in other applications.  It's fun to do sewn circles on a flat surface/object but it gets even more exciting when you take it to three dimensional elements.  Since I made the one patterned bear I've wanted to make more teddy bears but always put it off... until now!!!

I wanted to do different color bears; some a bit more neutral with pops of color in a coordinating fabric used in details on the bear while also using the sewn circles technique.

I was really excited to use one of my new patterns which I haven't even shown anyone! Surprise!!  I think it went really well with the brown linen bear.  I'll be using this fabric in other exciting products coming out this fall.

Work in progress

Detail shot

The circle on the white bear ended up looking a little bit like the Obama O which I totally didn't plan.  I guess I'm making topical crafts now (lol).

All of the bears hanging out on the couch!

All of the bears are available at Mokuyobi Threads and Zipper Teeth Etsy

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