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Friday, August 31, 2012

Prints & Patterns

Thought it was time to make some new patterns.  Usually all of my patterns and palettes are pretty vibrant and in your face so I tried my hand at making a few simple and more subdued patterns for some super slick future wallets (and other mega secret products).  Obviously the first one didn't turn out so simple and muted but that's ok because it's freaking awesome.

 Adventure Party

Triangle Podium

Camping Arrows

Button Style

Rainy Feeling

The last two are fun because they're complementary and they can go together as an outside/lining of a garment or can be used together when sewing quilting pieces.  The penultimate pattern Button Style I have been wanting to make for a while.  I dig it because the pattern looks like 1" buttons but the illustrations also double as actual 1" buttons that can be used separately or that can go along with the finished product to add a whole new dimension!

You can buy the buttons at the Zipper Teeth Etsy Shop

Matchy matchy!

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