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Friday, September 14, 2012

Nautical Flag A-Z

I made some new flags.  Last time when I made flags for the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago everyone kept asking me what letters the flags stood for.  And while some of them were the correct letters, others I just made up because they looked cool.  This time I focused more on making actual letters so people could get their initials or spell out things but also tried to use a variety of colors instead of sticking with the original nautical flag colors.  They will be available at New York Comic Con October 11-14 at booth # 3211 in The BLOCK.

I also got some tags to use on the backs:

There are a LOT of flags and I attached a tag to each onto say what letter it stood for.

They look pretty sweet all stacked up, makes me think of The Princess and the Pea and makes me wish I were tiny so I could take a nap atop all of the flags.

I did a little print out drawing to show all of the letters and what they stand for because people were also asking me this a lot and I had to stall as I awkwardly looked it up on my phone every time.

What would your name look like spelled out?

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