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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sadness Meter

I got a paper version of this sadness meter from an issue of Vice Mag a pretty long time ago.  The illustration is done by Johnny Ryan and it is hilarious.  I had the paper one hanging on my wall since I rediscovered it sometime in 2010 going through piles of magazines to trash.  I had laminated it which was working out pretty well until it started to get droopy because the only thing holding it up was a pushpin functioning as the pivot for the meter pin.  I had plans to make it a real live 3-D meter for a while because this drawing is too rad to remain barely functioning in 2-D.

P.S.- I totally made a gif of this because how could I not?

I finally got around to printing it on fabric now that I'm trying to make my apartment look like some kind of half-way pretend grown-up lives here instead of a college student planning to pack up and get out at the end of the year.  I got a fancy adult wall shelf and thus had some fresh surface area asking to be occupied.

How ya feelin' today buddy?  For the pivot I used a brad that I spray painted yellow which I put inside a small eyelet in the front of the meter which was also obviously, spray painted yellow.

Plushy goodness.

I totally dig it.

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