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Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Foot Quilted Flag Banner

After doing some rebranding for Mokuyobi Threads with the new website I wanted to make a REALLY BIG new plush banner to hang at craft fairs and other events.  I went all out on perfection with this one.  I had to cut out each letter like a million times for all of the different letters.  One for paper, one for fabric, and one for interfacing (plus my O got really worn out because I only made one).  All that cutting made me wish I had chosen a shorter company name or at least one with more repeating letters.  Oh well, continuing onward...

 Some of my various tools with the letters cut out.  Looks pretty sweet, but it was only the beginning.

 I used this really awesome oatmeal linen on the front and back with a layer of batting in between.

I placed and secured each individual letter making sure my kerning was working for me.  I used the original long vector flag logo to figure out exactly how big I wanted each color strip to be.  Then I cut, sewed, and serged a long fabric piece for each side of the flag and short pieces for the sides.

I pre-ironed the back seam allowance before sewing.  In order to not waste fabric that would be hidden anyway I sewed each strip 3/4" inside the flag edge creating a 1" border.

 The excess fabric was folded to the back and hand stitched which really gives it that hand made quilty feeling.

 I stitched the corner bits even closer together because you don't want to see any of this behind the scenes business from the front (the angled edges were a bit tricky).

 Once the borders were finished I sewed down each letter to create a little quilted puff for each sewn piece.

 Almost done!
 Finishing touches: Some bright red spray painted large eyelets.  I love how they give the flag a nautical feel.  This might be my favorite detail on the flag.

 Ta-da!!!  Finally done and now hanging on my wall (until it is needed in the world)!  The final dimensions are 4' 8" long and 14" tall, quite large not that it could ever really be TOO big.

All the stitching on the back.  I put another little eyelet on the top left only on the backside to assist in the wall hanging.  When I end up actually using it in the front of a booth I will probably sew some hooks and loops to the flag and the tablecloth.  Onto the next project!

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