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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Duvet Dying

Duvets are tricky sometimes.  My old duvet cover was made of cotton which made it super easy for it to attract every lint ball and cat hair in the universe.  Not only that but I swear the duvet made its life goal to never lay evenly in the duvet cover.  After dealing with this for far too long I decided to switch back to the best fabric ever for duvet covers: jersey knit.  They hold the duvet in place with their clingy cuddly goodness and surprisingly don't try to ruin your life attracting every stray dust speck.  I bought a new amazing duvet at Wül (on sale thank goodness) because mine was too large and heavy for its own good.  
The other obstacle of course, was picking the right color.  In the winter you can forget about finding bright colors of anything (clothes, sheets, etc.) So I just got a white one to dye it a golden yellow color.  The cover ended up being too big for the duvet so I had to shave some inches off the top, Teeny helped.

It turned out super well and fits the comforter perfectly.  It totally amps up the room.  I know how everyone goes bonkers for sweet apt pics from people they hardly know so I had to indulge.  I'm super pumped about sleeping in tonight and furthermore will be every time in the future (hint: everyday).  Sleeping is #1 (nacho cheese Doritos are a close second).

PLUS: look at the sweet color combo it makes with my sheet colors.  Have matching fitted and flat sheets is so over.  Goodnight, ZZZzzzzzz......

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  1. I love how awesomely bright and happy your apartment is!! And yes, matching sheets are so 2009. I like it better they dont. :)