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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Without Walls

Without Walls is Urban Outfitter's new fitness/active lifestyle brand that launched earlier this month encouraging us millennials to get out, get moving, and have fun! Sounds like a movement that everyone is ready for, myself included. WoW (Without Walls) makes it super easy to explore the world and look good doing it with all of the amazing brands they carry focusing on activewear in the categories of fitness, surf, and trail gear along with their own brand designed in house.

Mokuyobi Threads is super excited to be one of the brands that WoW is carrying, first in their pop-up store at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood, California and then spreading to Urban Outfitters stores throughout the country including NYC, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, and San Francisco later this month and in Portland, Seattle, Cambridge, and Boulder in April.

Check out their brand new website with some seriously fresh gear that will make you want to leave your computer screen behind, get outside, and set your sights on being a happier and healthier you.

Update: all of the patches have sold out!


  1. I love this brand and will definitely check it or thank you!!

  2. Wow! What a collection! I would love to shop for everything that’s here. I also need good work out leggings for the gym. I am in love with this collection. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I think I am going to follow this blog religiously from now on. She is looking fantastic here as well!