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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Future Progression Everyday Bag

I was working on some illustrations a while ago and turned into a pattern with some other weird stuff.  It's one of my favorite patterns I've ever made but I had yet to make anything with it.

Illustration (above) & Pattern (below)

I was lacking in the everyday purse/bag department and people who I saw that know what I do were still always asking me if I made anything I was wearing so I thought it was about time to make that everyday default bag that I always grab when going anywhere.

It's the perfect size and is super versatile because it can hold a lot or not a lot and still hold a nice shape.

Bonus little pull with hot pink paracord and a yellow wooden bead.

For the strap I used white seatbelt webbing but top stitched a strip of the bright coral lining to it for a bit of color pop and more stability.  I kept the color theme with the plastic yellow hardware.  I used the new Mokuyobi tags which color coordinated nicely.  Each side has a zippered pocket with blue zipper.

I've been wearing it constantly.  Success!

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