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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bee + Puppycat Halloween

The best time of the year is here, Halloween.  Where you can dress up like complete and total nonsense and you don't get a second look.  When you are encouraged to make your own clothes and don't get a face of disapproval from your buds when they come out looking awful (hey, you tried).

This year I did costumes for Bee and Puppycat, a new AMAZING cartoon series by Natasha Allegri that is super good and hilarious and you should check it out!  She had a Kickstarter to raise money to make more episodes which I obviously backed (edit: which she knocked out of the park).  She also is a crew member on Adventure Time so she already earned all the awesome points.

Here are Bee (the girl) and Puppycat (the puppy/cat) in a scene from the 1st episode:

For Puppycat I made a super cozy face hat out of sweatshirt fleece and used felt for the eyes, eyebrows, and nose.  The mouth I machine embroidered, thank you zig zag stitch!  and the collar thing was like a weird mini airplane neck pillow (those things are the worst) with a velcro closure stuffed with polyfil and a felt bell.


Here's a work in progress photo of the bee on Bee's sweatshirt I made out of felt:

The finished sweatshirt, made from scratch.  I tried to find the right color sweatshirt online and was just going to make the bee but no one had it, not even American Apparel.  Ridiculous, so I made it myself.

(I actually had both tones of yellow sweatshirt fleece/rib knit in my inventory)
If that's not destiny I don't know what is!

Detail shot of the felt appliqué Bee

Now in progress photos of my Puppycat Hat:

Done!  On my fantastic model:

Other views:

Accessories!  Bee's hair and shoe bows and Puppycat's tail

AND a bonus double cat pic!
(Teeny is so confused)

Onto next Halloween!!

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