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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Paris, France!  Honestly Paris is like a smelly New York City (that's just as dirty) except there are more people with body odor.  But on the plus side I found more visually interesting things to look at in Paris than anywhere we went.  They have the good stuff you just have to know where to go.

Sweet subway mosaic art

Pastries!! Paris has the most delicious and decadent tiny cakes and pastries anywhere.  And crepes, yum!  They definitely have the dessert down.  The rest of it, not so much.  Stale baguettes?  Come on guys.

Colorful bead shop

Teal and white subway cars

Just this little tower thing, you might have heard of it.

Popcorn machine in a vintage clothing store

Maryan painting at my new fave museum, The National Modern Art Museum in Centre Pompidou.  I don't even like museums.  This is serious.

Awesome installation

Circular painting

Some art is just the best

My next couch, Teeny would love this!

Colorful restaurant stools

Super cliché and tasty french macaroons

Fancy blanket store

Patterned straw mats

Finger puppet store!!

Some interesting figurines

Fancy man things!

Serious candy business

Supercool giant textile art installation at Versailles!  Not gonna lie Versailles is cool because it's ridiculous how extravagantly they lived and how GIANT the grounds are.  But let's be honest, this fabric sculpture was totally the best part.

Last stop: London, England here we come!!


  1. Ah! You have a great eye, and a wonderfully unique point of view. Delightful photos. But tell me, did they know you were going to be at Versailles? That installation is balls-out colorful, risky, & unique, especially in contrast with that great, gilt hall. How rad is that?

  2. Thanks Dianna, I was totally in LOVE with the Versailles installation, they must've known I was coming. so awesome!