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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


London is a pretty cool place except the weather totally sucks.  It rained way too much when we were there.  And it was cold.  Come on, I thought it was summer?!?  July, help me out here!  I've been once before when I was 12, what I remember most is how easy the subway system is to understand and it still holds true.  Out of all the cities we were in, London has the most straight forward and intuitive transit system.  London wins!!  It was also fun to see London getting ready for the Olympics.

Sweet building facade

Adorable little truck

Color changing store!

Harry Potter (of course)

London Bridge is not falling down + has a sweet color scheme, BONUS!!

Probably the coolest boat ever.

Lots of Olympic themed ads, obvi.

Amy wore her Circus dress in honor of my visit!! Wheee!! (I made it for her)

Sian and Amy, our lovely hosts (outside) and me and Dustin (inside) last day of trip!!

Back to work in nyc!!

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