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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apartment Handywork

After weeks of spray painting and glass cleaning, I finally got all of my posters framed and arranged on the wall in addition to all of the other things I was putting off hanging up.  About time, since I moved into this apartment last July.  A few of them I got professionally framed because I couldn't find the right size frame and the rest I bought cheap frames and spray painted them.  Bet you can't guess which ones are which.

All my treasures!
Clockwise from top left

The opposite wall: skate decks and the sun!

Shelves above my desk: mason jars with beads and buttons along with other knick knacks.

I got this awesome white solid wood wall shelf but it was a bit bland for my taste so I spiced it up a bit.

I spray painted it bright red and covered it with a protective UV coating.  Then I screwed on some fun little blue and yellow hooks because there seemed to be a lot of empty space there to not have any hooks.

Here it is hanging on my wall looking much less lonely with all of those things on it.  The turtle and alpaca I got in Peru.  I made the tiny crown and birthday hat.  The kitty I got here.

Bedroom wall with red shelf, Teeny cat (she loves the treasure chest), and Little Friends poster

Cubby and hooks with awesome Tad Carpenter Poster

More frames by my Brooches

Now that all the frames are on the wall instead of clotting up my space it's back to work!

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