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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logo Redesign

I started this blog in 2009 and much has changed since then.  Hopefully my design sensibility at least a little bit (for the better of course).  While my old logo (below) was fun and cute it felt like it was lacking something and I was also getting tired of looking at it.  And so it was time for something new!!  First I thought that I would just make a 'hand crafted' version of it in felt just so it would be something new to look at (and something to blog about of course!) I worked on it a little but ended up putting it off for a few months and in the process it got tucked away in my closet somewhere.  By the time I had time to get back to it I wasn't feeling it anymore and went for a whole new thing.

Original Logo

Sewn Felt Logo

Sewn Felt Logo Close-Up

I wanted to do something with an awesome color polo with a zipper pocket so I did a zipper illustration but when you zoom out enough to get the shirt in, you lose all the detail in the zipper which is lame.

And if you zoom too far in you can't tell what you're looking at (even though the colors look so rad).

I decided to ditch the shirt idea and just focus on the details in the zipper illustration even though I drew the zipper to look like it's a pocket sewn into a shirt.  I still think it translates well because it looks like it's sewn onto the blog page, maybe?  I tried it in red which is fun because it kind of looks like lips and adds to the 'teeth' pun but I ended up deciding on the blueish one.  I hope you agree and you like it better than the old logo which you do because it's so much better.

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