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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crazy Cool Button Down

This fun shirt is the result of a commissioned project.  My friend needed a totally rad bday present for his buddy.  This friend of mine, Rostislav Roznoshchik also happens to do some sweet layered patterning work just like the one featured on the shirt below.  So I can't take the cred for the print but the classy construction was all me.  Over some tasty lunch we figured out how to make his patterns on paper into fabric so I could make a swanky bday gift for his bud.  And although my month-long trip to Australia got in the way, I still closed the case on this shirt... eventually.  My new lady mannequin is the model for this winner but the shirt is actually a men's XL.  The shirt will be more at home when it's on a bod with less boobage and more man shoulder action.

Please don't be mad that the pattern doesn't match up, just pretend I planned it and it ads to the mismatched nature of the finished garment.

Fancy Collar Close-Up

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