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Friday, July 1, 2011

Renegade Brooklyn Shop Discoveries

Renegade Brooklyn was an awesome success aside from some terrible weather on Saturday, Sunday was beautiful and tons of people came out!! Thanks to everyone for supporting handmade!!

In addition to running the booth I of course had to check out all of the other awesome crafters at the fair (and get a little shopping in). I discovered some awesome shops and super neat people, check it out:

Mehoi, my booth neighbor all the way from Canada made these adorable little pins and earrings. The rocket ship and tiger were clear winners for me.

Laura Osorno hails from Colombia and makes these really fun and playful illustrations. I just HAD to have this little Vice Presidente guy in a wood frame. The best!

My Zoetrope is this awesome shop run by Michelle Cavigliano with cute, quirky jewelry and illustrations that really pop. I couldn't resist this nerdy bear necklace. It's my fave.

Corky Saint Clair is based in Australia and creates crazy fun jewelry. They play with fun characters and sweet shapes to create unique jewelry. I bought myself this diamond ring, what a fantastic pun!

Last but not least, I Heart Guts offers the best in stupid slogans paired with happy gloppy guts. Available in plush toys and apparel they have a slew of characters for every organ in the body! I got this sweet Brain Power shirt!!!

Hooray for awesomeness!!!!