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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet the Designer + Workspace

I was recently in BurdaStyle's blog in a Meet The Designer feature. It was very exciting to do a Q & A with them. It made me think about where I've been and where I'm going. They had a bunch of images of my workspace so I figured it was time to tell you a little about the place where all of the magic happens.
I have two Juki industrial machines, a straight stitch and a serger. Both of which I love dearly. I have a bunch of fun posters acquired at random times and places I've been(Little Friends, Sean StarWars, Adam Smith, and Sonnen Zimmer) and plush (CUPCO) hanging above my sewing tables that are awesome and amazing. They inspire me to think outside of the ways I usually create.
MY COUCH!! is the best. I dyed the cover for it because all of the color options for it were lame. Turns out a giant sports equipment tub + 20 gallons of dye = orange grass in my backyard in Chicago. Oh well, I'd say it worked out. I made it awesome with some sweet pillows covers by Chris Bettig. I have a bunch of other little knick knacks on my window sill that usually keep my visitors entertained (haha). And OF COURSE my adorable cat, Teeny.

I like to keep my workspace pretty clean and organized but when I get super into making it turns into a mess of fabric and thread everywhere and then I know it's time to clean up. I always play music while I work with my awesome Speak-ers. It keeps the proverbial creative juices flowing. Ratatat and Jaga Jazzist are recent favorites.

My inspiration books are where it all begins. Anytime I see anything that pulls on my creative heartstrings I snap a pic or drag the image to my iphoto for later printing.
And it can be anything!! A color combination, way something is constructed, a style, a character...the list goes on!! I position and glue different unrelated items in a combination and arrangement that fuels my creative energy.
I hope you enjoyed learning about my creative environment!! Please feel free to leave a question or comment below!! I've got a lot of very exciting creations in the works, stay tuned!!

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