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Monday, April 4, 2011

Collab Slab Mini Backpack

Superfun collaboration between myself and my very good friend Victoria for her birthday! She designed the print and I made her a bag! We designed custom collab tags to go along with it. She wanted a kids size mini backpack. She picked blue as her lining color and everything else was up to me! Pressure's on. I made a few extra little surprises for her backpack that I knew she'd be super stoked about.

Her Drawing

The Bag!

The Inside Tag

The Outside Tag


Sweet Inside Pocket

Extra Little Pouch

Back View- double thick straps!


P.S.- That little heart on the top left of the bag Victoria made at my embroidery party (see earlier posts) and I made it into a pin for her. She probably forgot about it she's gonna be so surprised!!!

Victoria and her backpack!!!


  1. what the fuck! what are you like the best best friend ever?! birthday is in august...and my favorite color is yellow....actually i might pay you to make me a plain yellow backpack just because i want one. why don't you shoot me a quote or something

  2. fucking ace guys. kudos to you, gals!

  3. You girls have so much potential, keep up the great work!