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Monday, November 1, 2010

Rainbow Brite for Halloween!!!

So this year I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween. And of course I had to make my costume. Here's an image of the original Rainbow Brite:

I wanted to do something that was a little bit of an update on her outfit and make it in parts so that I could wear separately when it wasn't Halloween... even though I would totally wear the whole thing together when it's not Halloween (let's be honest). I decided to make a 3 piece outfit consisting of a dress, a belt and a jacket. So..... Here it is!!!!!


Belt front and back

TA-DA!!!!! Love it.


  1. Fantastic. You're the cutest Rainbow Brite I've ever seen <3

  2. I'm making a Rainbow Brite costume this year! You did a great job on yours. :) I like the updates you made, and the fact that you could just wear pieces of it whenever.

  3. I sewed the rainbow part using layers of different colored cotton and attached it to an elastic belt and suspenders!