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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mother of All Backpacks!!

Not really... but this backpack is pretty ginormous. I made it all this morning, it took a whopping 7 hours. Which isn't actually that long especially considering there were a lot of details and I didn't run into any problems. Just a casual morning exercise? haha. I went super detailed on this one to show my process...

This was a custom order for a backpack with given dimensions (17" x 14" x 7.5") and specific pockets like the front pocket on the LLBean bag below and a small inside pocket. How well did I do?? You be the judge:

First I made the smaller front zipper compartment (with logo), sewed the larger front zipper compartment to it, and then sewed it to the front.

Next I worked on the sides. I cut out the pieces for the top with the zipper and then the sides, and then the bottom. Then I sewed all of the pieces together and sewed it to the front.

Thirdly I assembled the back; I sewed foam into the back piece, made the straps with foam inserts, and attached a tag. Then I pinned the webbing and straps to the back where they would be sewn on.

Afterwards I made the smaller inside pocket for the inside of the front and sewed it on (before the side piece was sewn on).

And finally I sewed the back piece on and VOILA!!! Finished. Front, side and back view:

For scale I took a picture of it on me. It is QUITE large!!

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