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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Golden Birthday Card

Every year I send my good friend Dustin a birthday card. He is exactly one month older than me. I like to make him a little something fun each year and this year was especially special because it's both of our Golden birthdays. If you are unaware, a Golden birthday is when you turn the age of the day of the month you were born on and for both of us that is 28 because we were born on the 28th or our respective months. It's not as exciting for people who were born in the beginning of the month and most of the time they are unaware of this fun birthday bonus but I've been waiting 28 years for this one so I'm pretty pumped. It's my lucky number!

I started with a metallic golden paper which I cut into card size and folded in half. Then I used a x-acto knife to cut out the number 28, a party hat, and a bunch of confetti shapes which I filled with colored paper by taping it to the back of the card. I made the party hat stripey and cut some fun drip shapes for the number cut out. I packed it super securely in a mailing folder and covered it in colorful washi tape. Check out the work in progress and final photos. I had a good time making this! Although reflective surfaces are certainly a challenge to photograph!

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