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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dyed Outerwear

I had some photo shoots coming up and wanted to showcase the patches more by applying them onto jackets for the models to wear so you could really see them in action! I bought a women's light wash denim jacket and vest and dyed them coral and green respectively. For the male model I bought a white cotton bomber jacket and dyed it turquoise.

Then it was patch time! I sewed all of the patches on so I could take them off easily later to replace patches and reuse the jackets in more future shoots. Check out the images below to see what the jackets looked like before they were dyed!

Dying your own jacket is really easy and I highly recommend it! I used fiber reactive procion dye which I bought here and created a dye bath. They have an unbelievable color selection and very clear instructions which make it super easy to dye your white or light colored clothes whatever color you want! You don't need any fancy equipment just a large bucket, a sink, and a washer/dryer to use. Happy dying!

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