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Friday, August 29, 2014

Paper Flower Tutorial

I recently made some paper flowers for two peeps who mean a whole lot to me. Paper flowers are fun to make and although they are a bit time consuming they don't ever die which is a definite plus. You can make them to look like an existing flower from Earth (or another planet, no judgement) or be a Crafty Mother Nature and make your own.

I used double sided crepe paper. It has a nice thickness and the two tone is a winner for sure.

For the stem you will need floral wire and floral tape to wrap around the wire to give it an extra nature-y texture. A pair of scissors will be helpful unless you are equipped with go-go-gadget laser fingers. You will also need some type of craft glue.

Cut out at least two different sizes of flower pedals. Make a pedal shaped template and enlarge it to your heart's desire. You will also need to cut a wavy piece with a flat bottom as your first flower step.

Wrap the tape around the floral wire. It's self sticking so you don't need to use glue, just squish it a bit with your fingertips as you wrap it.

Take your wavy piece and add a drop of glue to one side. Tightly wrap it around your floral stem hiding the stem top. Add another drop of glue at the end to hold it in place.

Now you can begin adding your flower pedals. Start with the smallest ones first and add a drop of glue at the base covering where your first piece went. As you build the pedals make sure you are covering the bottom of the previous ones, this will prevent the base of the flower from building up and will make it easier to finish at the end.

When adding pedals I placed them about halfway over the previously placed pedal so it was partially covering it but there's no rule book on making paper flowers so feel free to switch it up.

Continue to add pedals from your smallest to your largest size pedals until you feel that your flower is finished.

When you're done adding pedals, cut at least two pieces with pointed ends and round bottoms. Wrap and glue these pieces around the base of the petals to finish the flower.

It should look something like this :-)

Congrats! You made a flower! Now make some more and take pretty pictures of them to show off your crafty green thumb.

With these flowers I used a limited color palette on each one to make them look more flower-like. Next I went for making a full on rainbow flower.

Watch it grow!


  1. Can I ask where you bought the crepe paper you used? I cannot find the same color selection (I especially like the light blue, and don't see it anywhere). Thank you!

  2. These are lovely!
    FWIW, a pedal is on a bike, a petal is on a flower...

  3. I bought it here:
    The doublette crepe paper.