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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Linen Knit Pants Romper

Back in June I made the ultimate summer travel outfit: a linen knit pants romper.  A little background: I was browsing Anthropologie's website when I came across this breezy colorblock jumpsuit.  I'm not sure if I would classify mixing olive solid with olive knit stripe a 'color block' but let's go with it.  This  romper looks like it would be basically the most comfortable thing ever.  Elastic knit top with a built in bra and elastic waist so that the weight of the entire garment isn't only being supported by the top elastic.  Front and back pockets on a soft linen pant although I could definitely do without the wide leg. 

So I started with making a pattern for the romper which makes for easy replication later so I can have a whole wardrobe of these guys! (ha)  The project worked out quite well because I had very recently gone fabric shopping at Mood and picked out this awesome blue super soft linen as well as this oatmeal neon orange stripe knit with no perticular project in mind aside from maybe some sweatpants for the knit.  I think we can all say this was destiny and a much more color block appropriate pair than the original.

Some in progress photos:

And ta-da!!

Granted the model in the Anthro photo is probably a foot taller than me, I think the outfit still translates decently on a fun size human like myself and without the wide leg pants I'm not tripping over them when I walk.  We can mark this one off as a success!  Shortly after I wore this outfit on a flight to Chicago and was super comfy the whole time, POINT pants romper! Airline ZERO!


  1. I really like the colour combination. And you look really good in it!