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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Supermarket Sarah Wall

Check out the wall I did for Supermarket Sarah!  I wanted to make all new things and just have fun with it.  Go have a look!  All of the prices are in British pounds but it's nothing a little google search can't clear up if you live in the good old (actually not so old) USA.

Women's button down with a sweet triangle pattern:

Moon Crater Skirt: 

Colorful Mini duffles with wooden bead pull:

Zipper Pull Detail:

Granny Cat Sweatshirt in Mint

Navy/Aqua Briefcase Tote:

Coral/Jade Briefcase Tote:

Love this one:
Backpack with clear vinyl pockets that hold vintage tickets!

The pockets are open so you can take out the tickets to wash the bag or put any long object in the slots; paintbrushes, jumbo pencils, dowels, you name it!

It also comes with a mini pouch for change or whatever you like!

Alternate Views

Small Space Pouch:

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