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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Handmade Cards for the Win

With summer comes LOTS of important holidays.  My good friend Dustin's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and my Mom's birthday.  I try to make a special card for all of them (If I can get a free minute).  This year I totally rocked it on the DIY cards using a big spread of crafty supplies: tissue paper, embroidery thread, watercolors & washi tape.  Some of which I even got to deliver in person which was exciting since I don't always see my family on these special days.

Remember that DIY pouf tutorial I did a little bit ago?  Well I thought it would go great inside a card as a tissue paper surprise!


The first card of its kind! (I think, maybe)

Embroidered paper card!  You can get really detailed with it but it can be quite time consuming.

A simple design can be really great too!

This was the card for my mom's birthday present.  I drew a feather with a felt tip pen, cut it out, and then used watercolors to give the feather some pizzaz!

I wrapped the present in some brown craft paper and secured it with neon green washi tape.  Then I tied the card to the present with some hot pink rope.

Close-up shot.

And last but not least a television Father's day card I made with cardstock, felt tip pens, and washi tape. So simple but so fun!  Definitely a winner.

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