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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Color of the Year: Mint

I'd have to say the my favorite color for a while now has been mint which is interesting considering I have been steering further and further away from green in my top 5 top 10 color category.  I have also been more appreciative of pops of color.  I am usually all about saturation in every way possible, cramming every color of the rainbow in an outfit to satisfy some color quota but lately I am realizing that color becomes much more interesting when you pair it with more neutral tones.  2 years ago this statement was unheard of to me!  I didn't even have tan, black, or grey fabric to get crafty with because I only used bright saturated colors.  Now I'm making briefcase totes and throwing salmon, tan, and white together with a bright blue zipper.  It's madness.

Here's a few inspirational images I've collected over time in our featured color:
Get inspired!

Chris Benz, Deluxe, Purl Bee, Daniel Palillo, Stripe Loose Sweatshirt, T&F Slack, Native, Tyson Anthony Roberts

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