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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crafty NYC Classes Part 1

Recently I have been exploring the world of crafty classes in NYC.  So many that I had to do a 2 part blog post!  I thought I'd give them a bit of a review in case you were looking to step up your crafty skills and take a class.  

459 Broome St, Manhattan
Two 2 hr. class - $95

Jessica Marquez teaches this super informative class on all kinds of different types of fancy embroidery stitches.  This class is perfect for someone who has never embroidered or someone who just wants to widen their embroidery vocabulary.  It's a very organized 2 week class (one class a week) that teaches you tons of different stitches and gives you time to practice each stitch.  You are required to bring your own materials but they sell everything you need in the store if you come a little before the class.

You start with a template and learn one stitch at a time.  If you have trouble getting any of the stitches, Jessica is super helpful (and patient).  At the end of the 2 weeks you have your very own embroidered dictionary that you can admire and look back at for a stitch refresher.

The different stitches create different shapes and textures that are each useful in their own way depending on what kind of embroidery project you plan on completing next!

Some of the more complicated stitches from week 2.

195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn
One 4 hr. class - $65 member, $75 non-member

Artist Iviva Olenick teaches this much more free form embroidery class.  I would not recommend this class to a newbie embroiderer since there is hardly any stitch basics covered and lots more stitch experimentation.  This class is very learn as you go.  Iviva planned class depending on what each student was interested in learning.  

We learned some stitches that some students had requested and then the last half of this 4 hour class was free time for working on your own project you brought in.

She had brought a lot of embroidery books to look though for inspiration or to learn about different stitches.  The best part of this class is that all of the materials were provided but if you're working on a specific personal project I recommend you bring your own materials for work in class time.

I got a new macro lens which is AMAZING for close-up embroidery detail shots.

For free time I worked on a super secret embroidery project that I hope to share with you soon!

High Speed Tee Printing- Gowanus Print Lab
54 2nd Ave, Brooklyn
One 3 hr. class - $80

Corey Fleming teaches this screen printing class which is more about learning to use the 4-6 color manuel press than printing at high speeds.  Perfect for a screen printing refresher, definitely not a beginner course. All materials and ink are provided.  We did a 4 color process print on a white t-shirt but he accidentally burned 2 cyan and 2 yellow screens.  Whoops.  We ended up printing one of the cyan screens magenta just for kicks.  It turned out... interestingly.  Aside from the mix up it's a great course to get you ready to come in and prepare & print your own 4-6 color designs.  Bonus: you get to take your printed tee home although you really won't want to.  I would've rather taken a blank tee.

The End!!  Get ready for part 2!

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