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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pokemon Costume Party

Recently me and Axel were invited to a Pokemon birthday party for our friend Iain.  It was my specialty, a dress up party.  I didn't really watch Pokemon as a kid so I didn't know much about what character to choose.  Luckily Axel is a Pokemon nerd and decided that the best costume duo for us was Misty (me) and Togepi (Axel).  My costume was pretty easy and comprised of things I already had in my wardrobe.  There is no image because it wasn't even photo worthy.  Togepi was a little trickier but I'm always up for a costume challenge.

It was a pretty simple egg shape with red and blue shapes on the outside.  I made the top pointy like a half an eggshell and stuffed the egg body with stuffing to make it poofy and egg like.

The costume was not complete without a Togepi head piece with an elastic band.

I made arm holes on the sides to help hold the costume up and also obviously so he could use his arms.  It is a party after all.

There was a prize for different categories of best costume.  We won most accurate costume and the best possible prize (sarcasm) a bottle of Jameson.  Clearly I'm not a fan, lucky for Axel.

At the party with other various Pokemon/costumes
Good times.  Now Axel doesn't have an excuse next Halloween for not having a costume. Whee!

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  1. I love this! I wish I could make this exact costume or could have it for a Pokemon party I will be attending in a few weeks. (: