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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brooklyn Art Library

While out and about this weekend I found out about this awesome little space called the Brooklyn Art Library. They archive sketchbooks from around the world sent in through projects they have done once a year since 2010. Unfortunately you can't freely browse the sketchbooks which kinda sucks (that wall is so pretty). BUT you can get a library card for FREE and check out a few sketchbooks at a time to flip through in the library. They also have a bunch of art knick knacks available for purchase after you're inevitably inspired by the sketchbooks. They're located at 103A N 3rd Street in Williamsburg.  

If you want to make a sketchbook for their library, you're in luck!  Right now you can sign up to be one of 5,000 worldwide artists in the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project.  It's pretty cheap and they provide the sketchbook, check it out!

Here's a couple of images from sketchbooks I browsed through to get you excited:
Ellen Abraham- Narberth, Pennsylvania, USA

Lisa Buckley- Seattle, Washington, USA

 David Murphy- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

 Maryam Al-Homaid- Doha, Qatar

Qugnh Tu Truong- Bossley Park, NSW, Australia


    I've made 1 sketch for Brookly Art Library and I am drawing my 2nd! It's a great experience

  2. yay, Julie saw my book :) it's the small things in life that make you happy and this made me happy today. Thanks Julie.

    Sometimes when I speak to my peers about the project they don't understand how I could put so much time and effort into something that I'm going to give away but I think it's better that my scribbles will maybe one day be seen and enjoyed by someone. So, I'd rather have that than it sitting in my office draw where it will never been seen, by anyone other than me. Your post only justifies my thinking. So I agree with Irene, it's a great experience.

  3. wow...I just checked my page in the sketchbook project comments and I saw u featuring my sketch book...Thanks a lot <3 love from Qatar!
    Dedication on my blog as well (