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Monday, August 29, 2011

Awesome Camera Strap

With a trip to Australia coming up I knew I would have my camera with me every day but I didn't want to have to carry it all the time since it would probably slip out of my hand, bang against something, get dropped in the water... some disaster that would be the end of my camera.  Like all new cameras, my camera came with a super lame strap to put on it with the Canon logo quite huge and obnoxious (and ugly).  This would not do for me, so I made my own with my Summer Melt fabric. 

The fabric is backed with a thick 1 1/2" webbing and topped off on both sides with the new iron on patches I got for my new wallets which will soon be available in a super awesome sticker pack.

It's super comfortable to wear over one shoulder like a messenger, check it out!

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