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Friday, March 4, 2011

Black Tie Wedding Dress

Recently my cousin got married and the wedding was a black tie event. Seeing as I don't really dress up super fancy that often I didn't have a lot of wardrobe choices for the big day. So as usual, I decided to make a dress. It had to be a fancy fabric so instead of using the usual cotton or cotton spandex I ventured into the world of shiny silk taffeta. I already had a loose sketch of this future dress I wanted to make. I headed to the garment district to find silk taffeta in two pretty shades of blue and white. I used the white as the inside triangle, the darker blue as the outside triangle, and the light blue turquoise for the whole of the dress. I knew it was going to involve a lot of hand stitching (12 triangles!!!) to make it a more "couture" garment. It ended up being very time consuming but turned out great!!


White triangles sewn to dark blue triangle and basted on dress

Blind stitching dark blue triangle to dress

All triangles sewn on dress front and edges serged

Finished Dress!!!

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